The TRUTH About Women in Sport

Last week, an incredibly powerful and personal account of a female sports reporter being sexually abused for simply being a woman has exposed an incredible dark side of the sports industry.

An incredibly revealing story written by sports radio host Julie DiCaro accounts a number of cases involving online insults and slurs in an attempt to demean female sports reporters.

The feature, written for Sports Illustrated Online, showcases how social media, particularly Twitter, has become an online battleground of constant insults and hate for female’s in the sports industry.

DiCaro comments on how it is far too often that female sports reporters are the target of disgusting tweets and insults simply for speaking their mind and producing their own opinions.

“When it comes to sports, women are big targets for abuse because the resentment is two-fold. Some resent us for our confidence and beliefs. But there also is an added resentment because we are supposedly infiltrating a space that has been decidedly male,” she said.

DiCaro believes that majority of the men who make sexist and derogatory comments directed at women in online forums and social media platforms have a warped value system that is challenged by the appearance of women in a world where they believe is for men only.

This incredibly demeaning behaviour should in no way be acceptable. It’s bad enough that people are being bullied via online platforms, and it can only seem worse when it is a criticism of your profession and subsequent passions.

In the article she states that the problem is a much wider societal issue that is simply more visible in the media because of the profiles of many women in sport.

In contemporary society, there is simply not enough being done to eradicate this incredibly vile and inappropriate behaviour. I really believe that social media platforms need to do a better job when it comes to punishing those who commit abusive acts.

She concludes, “There’s no reason that I — and the thousands of other women in the field — should have to tolerate things online that no one would ever accept off it.”

The stigma of this issue is one that will not disappear easily. Sufficient action needs to be taken in order to effectively resolve this issue.

Check out the original article here.

What do you think of this behaviour? What action do you think needs to be taken? Comment below and don’t forget to give it a like! 🙂

Diahann x


3 thoughts on “The TRUTH About Women in Sport

  1. So strange to think that men (or anyone really) would be against women playing sport! who doesn’t want more competitive sport to watch? And considering male and female teams would be playing in completely different leagues, and not even against each-other, it makes no sense at all! Thanks for bringing this to light! xx

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  2. As a woman who has been playing sport her whole life, I am glad to see there are people out there who are trying to make the sporting field equal for everybody! Great work! And about time!


  3. I hate how underrepresented and acknowledged women are in sport! It’s really about time something was done about it, great blog!


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